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I've been working in Audience Engagement for two years now. Take a peek at some of the news products, social campaigns and digital strategy I've worked on.

When approaching social media strategy, my first thought is, of course, accuracy. After that, my mind goes straight to relatability. I am always asking myself: “What is the most engaging and compelling way to package the information that is both relevant and relatable to readers?”

Social Media Production


Storytelling through Twitter is by far the most fun because it is the most challenging. Not only is working through these challenges rewarding but often, roadblocks also catalyze creative solutions. Whether I am tweeting out breaking news, promoting stories or publishing a meme, my goal is to add value to readers’ feeds.


On Instagram, I have worked to standardize brand imagery, increase interactivity and grow audiences. With my team at The Daily Aztec, our following grew by 500+ in six months and engagement increased 50% in that same time.


I launched The Daily Aztec's TikTok. At the time, TikTok was just beginning to gain traction and I saw it as an amazing opportunity to expand our audience and provide readers a front seat to the fun (and chaos) of a student newsroom.

(I talk more about why I started the account in an interview for Taylor Blatchford's newsletter, "The Lead" which was also published by Poynter) 

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