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The Sun rises in molten gold (contemplation/reclamation)

2020 March

While studying abroad in Singapore in Spring 2020, I had the opportunity to document a performance art piece put together by Singaporean artists and performed at the ArtScience Museum.

Priyageetha Dia (named to Forbes 30 under 30 Asia in 2021) collaborated with Chand Chandramohan, Div, ila, Ilyas Lukman, Mysara Aljaru and Nor presented a multi-disciplinary intervention responding to some of the artworks in the exhibition 2219: Futures Imagined. The group explored a spiritual journey of reincarnated brown bodies, exchanging relationships, connecting memories, and upholding traditions 200 years from now.

I submitted these photos as a collection for an assignment focusing on the labors of love and capturing working life.

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